Buyers guide: So you want a Nvidia GTX1080?

I mean, don’t we all? I’m still running my trusted 980ti but I recently had a chance to run some games on the new powercard and the difference is real. I’ll take two. But with the card looking to set you back anywhere from £600 to £1000 (check this monster out) it’s a major investment.… Read More »

The PC Gaming Chair. AKA your throne.

Take a seat, I insist. You’re gaming chair isn’t just somewhere to stop you sitting on the floor. It’s your saddle, your ejector seat and your racing bucket seat. It becomes part of you. Too often have I stood up after a gaming sesh with a numb rear end and a stiff neck, no more!… Read More »

Titanfall 2 PC Review

Here it is guys, my Titanfall 2 PC Review, or as I like to call it, Mirror’s Call of Edge Duty. I’ve completed the single player campaign and that’s where I’m going to kick it off. You can see a full 51 minute video over on my YouTube channel, here, containing the introduction level. Now… Read More »

Lord of the Rings PC games – 5 of my favourites

Lord of the Rings PC games – 5 of my favourites. Hey guys! So I’ve noticed a lot of people asking about Lord of the Rings PC games and I know why. I’m a huge fan of Tolkien and of the lore of Middle Earth. I read the Hobbit when I was but a small… Read More »

Battlefield 1 Review

 Hey guys!  So I’m now 30 hours in to Battlefield 1 and I’ve managed to tear myself away from it for long enough to put together a Battlefield 1 review! Now I am a huge, huge fan of the Battlefield series. It’s been pushing my PC to it’s limits since Battlefield 1942. I’ve played and… Read More »

How to get that affordable gaming PC

So you want an affordable gaming PC? The great thing about PC is it’s versatility. There are thousands of combinations of hardware that you can put together to create a truly unique machine that will be by your side during hours of gaming. You can mix and match all of the components inside a case… Read More »